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Friends 2

Wow, two pages for friends. I'm so popular.

Hm, no, not really.


I met Shane last year in school, but we really didn't get to know each other until around mid-summer. He's a really cool guy. We like to crack jokes, talk/discuss/debate, and many more. It's a good thing LiveJournal is a blessing because if it wasn't for it, we may not know eachother as well as we do now. I don't get to see him much, since he goes to school 3 hours away, but that will change!

Shane and at his radio station!

have to rescan this one...


I got to know the Bush due to a little thing called a party and seeing him around school a lot. He's an awesome guy, even though he's actually really stupid (according to Tom). He's pretty good at DDR, and I'll play it at his house when I go over there because he has metal pads. He's a "licensed" psychologist, so he's really easy guy to talk to.


It's interesting because I got to know him because he's in my German class. What's really creepy is that he's in my lunch hour too and he sits at my table and he's friends with Andy and Chris and all them, so that's how I got to know him. It's wierd because I can sometimes pinpoint people in my classes that I'll get to know better/hang out with the rest of the year. It happened with Kay! Hehe, Tom's really into computers, DDR, and games and all that jazz. He's really funny as well. You can't hate Tom, because he's like, Tom.

have to rescan this one...




Eric is the red dragon. He likes to draw stuff and things and his girlfriend, Amanda, is really friggin awesome. He enjoys playing videogames and joking around. He's a fun guy to be around. Here's to you, Eric!