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This is the page about my friends. I accidentally deleted my old one so now Ihave to start fresh. Way to go me!




Chuck is super awesome. He enjoys playing CS, taking photos, shooting pool, and just b


Noelle and I have known eachother since i was in 5th grade, which is practicly forever. She's a very empathetic person. She lovse to read, especially Tom Clancy novels. She is very much into science. She loves old school and 80's rock. We usually just chill and watch movies, shoot pool, or play videogames.


Pam and I, too, have known eachother since i was in 5th grade. She's the craziest of the three musketeers. Her favorite past-times include playing guitar, drawing, and dancing. She listens to just about everything, but country is her flavor of the week. We usually ice skate together and watch movies. We especially love to do karoake together.


Matt and i have known eachother since my freshmen year. We had a few slips here and there due to a stupid school dance and a little identity crisis. We have moved beyond those. Matt enjoys playing online/video games, watching anime, and playing DDR. He is also very good at drawing.


I have known Missy since freshmen year as well, however, we did not actually start hanging out until our sophomore year. She's a lot of fun. She can be pretty sarcastic and she is cynical. However, she DOES have a soft spot! hehe. She likes to watch TV, hang out with her friends, watch anime, she's pretty much up for anything.


I met Andy through Matt's girlfriend, Marlo, at her party. This kid is very funny and is also quite open-minded. He enjoys playing the drums, playing DDR, and once again is up for almost anything.

I accidentally deleted the pic i wanted to use...


I met Sio in our Honors Chemistry class sophomore year. She has currently come out the hemp basket and proclaimed herself a hippie! She is quite liberal and has very strong beliefs. She absolutely LOVES ceramics, and she often throws pottery. She used about 50-100lbs. of her 200lbs. of clay in almost 4 days! Sio and i usually chill out together. We'll go to coffee houses, talk to random people on her ICQ list, and just be silly in general.


Georg is my German friend, meaning he lives in Germany. We met him when he was staying with Sio during his exchange to the US. In his freetime, he enjoys dancing, playing Billiards, and being with his friends.


Kay is pretty crazy sometimes. I met her in my math class sophomore year. She is very much into theatre. She is usually stuck in her house, so she watches a lot of TV and does a lot on the computer. When she is out, she is part of the theatre crew, hangs out with her friends, and just be silly.


I met this guy about a year ago through a friend of Pam. We have a lot in common, it's kind of strange. He enjoys going to industrial clubs, working on computers, and watching anime/movies.

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Friends continued...