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This is the page about my family. Makes sense, huh?

I'm going to talk about all the family members that I've

had the pleasure to know (with the exception of one).


Immediate Family

L-R: Jon, Dad, Mom, and me

Mom (Okaasan): My mom is an RN and she works in the Operating Room at (insert hospital name here). She loves to read mystery novels, watch shows on crime and mysteries, do crossword puzzles, check out dog sites online, look at trees in autumn, and loves to look at lakes (even though she is scared to death of water). My brother and I have a blast making fun of "Murder, She Wrote" while my mom is watching it. She's very social, meaning she loves talking with people, but I think she's wierd when she's tipsy. She's pretty cool. She always lets Jon and me choose radio stations when she was driving (but now we drive so it's not a big deal). My mom and I are pretty close. It's a nice thing.

Dad (Daddy): My dad doesn't really have an occupation, but he does very very very many odd jobs. He's been a security guard, courier, paint factory dude, and so many more that I don't feel like thinking about. My dad likes very simple things like going to Amish towns. He likes to play the horses and dogs, too (I'm not too fond of that). He enjoys watching old movies that have Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and others in them. He likes watching The 3 Stooges, The Honeymooners, and Everybody Loves Raymond. My dad used to play a lot of sports in high school and stuff. He served in the Army during the Vietnam War. I like hearing him talk about what it was like in Vietnam. My dad and I used to have a lot of problems but not so much anymore. We like to talk and crack jokes.

My dad and my mom when she was pregnant with Jon

Jon (mein Bruder): Jon is my older brother by 5 years. He's the one who wanted a sister, so if he's displeased it's his own fault. *wink* He's also the one that gave me my name. He loves me very much, even if he does get annoyed with me every now and then. He has his problems, but hey, we all do. My brother is probably the one major factor when it comes to my musical choices. He made me grow up on alternative, metal, etc. In fact, I remember growing up, we were watching MTV and Backstreet Boys came on. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "You will NEVER listen to boy bands, got it?". Being the shy girl I was, I agreed. Heh heh, unfortunately I went through the stupid boy band phase. He's the one who introduced to me to one of my favorite bands! My brother and I do not talk very often, and the distance certainly doesn't help (he goes to school out of state). However, when we do talk, it's always an interesting and fun conversation (unless it's about something bad, in which case it's a nice learning experience).

Jon and me then (aka long time ago) .....................................................Jon and me NOW!

Grandma N. (My Mom's Mom): This grandma was pretty cool. She let me play around with stuff and things. I remember going to her house a lot when my brother and I were younger (however I think she died when I was in 4th grade). I would watch TV with her while she was babysitting us. We would always play with the hoolahoops. We couldn't stay outside too long or by ourselves because she lived in a really terrible part of the city. In fact, I remember watching something somewhat violent happen to a girl outside of grandma's house when Jon and I were picking up trash. My mom made us go inside and I don't know what happened after that, just that whatever it was really upset my mom. I don't remember too much about what I did there, just that she had a huge impact on my mom and that I had a lot of fun over there. She was pretty fun. I remember crying a lot when she died.

Grandpa N. (My Mom's Dad): Here is the exception: I never got to meet this grandpa. He died when I was still a baby. My mom tells me that I would have absolutely loved him, though. She says he would have spoiled me to death. :o) I still have one of the stuffed animals he gave me. I call it Brown Bear. I used to play with it all the time. I guess my mom thinks that grandpa and I have a few things in common. I like it when she talks about him because he sounds like he was really cool (stubborn, but cool. oops, there's one of those similarities :o) ). You know those stupid questions in surveys that ask, "If you could meet anyone, dead or live, who would it be?". In all honesty, I think I would choose my Grandpa N.

My Grandpa holding me during my Christening(Baptism) party

Grandma H. (My Dad's Mom): This grandma was straight out of Deutschland. She died when I was young, too. I believe I was in 1st or 2nd grade, maybe a little younger? It doesn't matter. I would love going over to her house, too. Jeez, we lived in their house for about a year before we moved into the suburbs (this was right after we moved back here from California). Jon and I would play on their Atari systems. I remember grandma playing the Scooby-Doo boardgame with me on the porch. I don't remember much of her because I was very young, but I also remember her being very fun and very cool. My mom has said, "Most people talk about how horrible their in-laws are, but I have to say, I had the coolest mother-in-law."

Grandpa H. (My Dad's Dad): This grandpa...wasn't so great. He was a big gambler, played the lottery a lot. He was also a HUGE SMOKER and enjoyed his beer. He was almost entirely blind and deaf because he would never listen to the doctors. He wasn't too good to me, but, he's dead now. I find it funny, because I hold long long grudges for what he did to me, but for some odd reason that I can't explain, I forgive him. I feel kinda bad though, because I don't remember anyone really saying anything nice about grandpa when I was growing up.

Grandma H. playing with Jon (I wasn't born yet) while we still lived in California


Ok, ok, so these are not the ONLY family members I have met. I do have cousins, aunts, uncles, and the whole sh-bang, but these are the ones I felt like elaborating on. *nod* And, just for good measure, you're super awesome Joe.